Patrick Haas

English Education Content Writer, Children's Book Author, Travel Writer, Instructional Designer
Below is a buffet of writing samples for different projects I've worked on: poems, flash fiction, online content, eLearning, travel article and book reviews.  

Fern Hill

Dylan Thomas was a Welsh rock god of lyric poetry. What, you wanted that title? Too bad, it's already taken. In fact, Dylan Thomas is considered one of the most talented and well-known lyric poets of the 20th century, and that accolade is well deserved. Five minutes with "Fern Hill," and you'll be singing Thomas's praises, too. To be fair, his rock star status may have a little something to do with his rock star ways. He was infamous in the literary community for boozing, passionate public rea

Dangerous Astronomy

Shmoop's gonna go out on a limb (ugh, don't we always?) and say that Sherman Alexie can write just about anything. Poet, novelist, screenwriter, and basketball enthusiast, Alexie picks up awards like a hiker picks up ticks. As a Spokane/Coeur d'Alene Native American who grew up in the Northwest of the United States, Alexie often writes about Native American culture and the plight of contemporary Native Americans within white America. And that makes for some pretty compelling stuff. No wonder he

Your Travels: A couple's idyllic French hideaway

In July, my girlfriend, Amanda, and I visited Limoux, a small town set against the Pyrenees Mountains in the Languedoc region of southern France. We stayed in a beautiful, 14th-century chateau called Montfaucon, which has been restored into a bed-and-breakfast. Our two weeks there were incredible. We enjoyed cycling on narrow roads winding through vineyards and small towns. Each village we rode through had old homes with bright-blue wooden window shutters, old wooden doors and stone walls. This


Laurel finds me at the bar, again. She ignores the bartender and doesn't sit down. She takes an ice cube from my drink and sets it on the table. "Before this melts," she says, "you have to decide how it's gonna be." I tell her that water freezes when its temperature drops below zero degrees Celsius. The molecules slow down and bond together. The density of the bonds keeps ice afloat in liquids. "The kids are in the car, you son-of-a-bitch," she says and grabs my collar. When things get too he